KFW-500 High speed packing machine for biscuits & cookies

  • By:KFW-500 packing machine can be manual putting material on cake dropper or it can be connecting with full automatic linear line, it can save labor cost and improve packing speed. Due to the Covid-19, high speed packing machine would be
  • Date:2021/06/11

KFW-500 three servo control packing machine is suitable for regular shape materials, such as biscuits, cookies, snow cake, candy, and so on. 

KFW-500 is can be packed material with single a bag, two layers a bag, three layers a bag... which is in the range of packing machine:

KFW-500 parameter:

Packing bag length: 30-500mm

Packing bag width: 30-80mm

Packing bag height: 5-30mm

Packing speed: 30-400bags/minute

Packing film width: 120-210mm

Packing film materials: OPP, PVC, PE, OPP/CPP, KOP/CPP, PT/PE, etc. 

Power supply: 1AC 220V 50HZ, 7KW

KFW-500 packing machine is a full stainless steel frame, it's with packing film automatic connecting function. It can improve packing speed and packing efficiency.




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